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Beauty Standards

I was watching my favourite reality show. That day’s the guest was world famous personality. Host welcomes him. Show continues in its style. All are enjoying. At one point the guest says that his girlfriend is here in the audience. Camera shows her close-up. A young lady with very nice smile. The guest tells thatContinue reading “Beauty Standards”

Search of Love

I search desperately for my Better Half ; & I find desperate souls everywhere. I got depressed, frustrated & I meet same distorted people. Together we play merry go round of hide & seek of love. I cried & from depth of my heart I ask the universe, “Where is my Better Half ? “Continue reading “Search of Love”


Butterfly is a brand ambassador of the Change ! Make Butterfly your role model. In caterpillar stage it dreams to fly. In whichever situation you are, you can decide to grow. It realizes that it doesn’t have wings. So to grow wings it Eats, Eats, Eats, Eats, Eats, Eats & Eats !!! If you feelContinue reading “Butterfly”


Lotus flower grows from muddy and murky water. It becomes beautiful. It gives beautiful fragrance. Inspite of living in water; it remains untouch by water. It holds light. It gains honour of Goddess’s beloved flower. Be like Lotus ! Please visit my Amazon affiliate marketing link –  Books for Light Workers


Determination is the only solution for the obstacles between you & your goal ! Please visit my Amazon affiliate marketing link –  Books for Light Workers


You keep fighting with outer world. You keep fighting with inner world. It seems endless. You are so exhausted that you don’t want to fight anymore. You just want to runaway. WAIT You are tired, means you need rest. Don’t quit. Your energy will be recharge. Until …. take REST. Please visit my Amazon affiliateContinue reading “REST !”