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Your stronger version

Life keep sending you masked people until you learn that you have ability to recognize them. Life throws you in vulnerable situations until you learn that your patience’s threshold is highest & nobody can crush you. Life pushes you to the edge until you learn that you can fly. Please visit my Amazon affiliate marketingContinue reading “Your stronger version”


When we are in touch with our soul, we couldn’t behave against it’s truth. And what is soul’s truth ? It is a truth of the Divine ! And that truth is Love. Soul is always connected to the Divine Power. Any behavior without love leads to distortion of thought, speech & act. And inContinue reading “Alignment”

Live in NOW

You don’t need to figure out all in advance. Trying to do this raise your stress. And you get disalignment. Live in now. Do whatever you need to do in this moment. This is enough. This will keep you in alignment. And you will reach your goal. Please visit my Amazon affiliate marketing links –Continue reading “Live in NOW”

Guest Post 🤝🏼 The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies

I found this excellent article everyone should read. The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies is not an ordinary natural remedies eBook. In this 181-page eBook, it brings natural health conscious awareness with over 300 ancient cures, natural healing and home remedies for over 60 common ailments. So, if you struggle with any of the 60 commonContinue reading “Guest Post 🤝🏼 The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies”