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Live in NOW

You don’t need to figure out all in advance. Trying to do this raise your stress. And you get disalignment. Live in now. Do whatever you need to do in this moment. This is enough. This will keep you in alignment. And you will reach your goal. Please visit my Amazon affiliate marketing links –Continue reading “Live in NOW”

Surviaval Guide

You struggled a lot. You learned your lessons. You discovered copping mathods in vulnerable situations. You understand the root cause of your slavery and get liberated yourself. This journey is not for yourself only. Your example will become someone’s survival guide. Please visit my Amazon affiliate marketing links – books for light workers Shop byContinue reading “Surviaval Guide”

The Real Hero !

Vasili Arkhipov was a Soviet Naval officer credited with preventing a Soviet nuclear torpedo launch during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Such an attack likely would have caused a major global Thermonuclear response. Referance

Keep Going !!!

Keep going is easiest or toughest ? Keep going when, there are no foot prints to follow. When, you are in the middle of the desert & no clue of direction. When, night sky is covered by clouds & no star is visible for guidance. When, you feel, you are only one on your chosenContinue reading “Keep Going !!!”

Height of Good Karma

Some persons have larger than life image. Ordinary people don’t dare to talk bad about them. And when authority people say bad things about them; ordinary people don’t believe that. Authority people try to erase memories of these great personalities. But Common people continue remember them in their hearts. Authority people remove these great personsContinue reading “Height of Good Karma”

GOD’s Army

In a stormy night my door knocked.  “Who” “Open the door. It’s an emergency!”      I open the door. I saw GOD in front of me.  “War against darkness is started.  Get ready to join my army.”  I get scared.  “But GOD I am not a warrior.  I don’t like violence.  I can not fight.”   “YouContinue reading “GOD’s Army”


Determination is the only solution for the obstacles between you & your goal ! Please visit my Amazon affiliate marketing link –  Books for Light Workers


You keep fighting with outer world. You keep fighting with inner world. It seems endless. You are so exhausted that you don’t want to fight anymore. You just want to runaway. WAIT You are tired, means you need rest. Don’t quit. Your energy will be recharge. Until …. take REST. Please visit my Amazon affiliateContinue reading “REST !”