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Guest Post🀝🏼 “14 Hidden Signs You’re in the 5th Dimension: And You Don’t Even Know It”

You feel that you are ascending. But your physical world looks same. You become confused. Don’t worry. Watch this video which explains the signs showing you have reached the 5th dimension.


More you shift to the upper level; more you have to shed things which are not matching to this level.  These can be habits, values, negative energies.  More you have light, more you can see these things in you.  It irritates you, frightens you.  Now you are extra sensetive and out of patience. You don’tContinue reading “WELCOME TO NEW ERA”

What is your consciousness level ?

This monkey definitely has higher consciousness than lower 3D humans who couldn’t think beyond their race . It’s time to introspect. Please visit my Amazon affiliate marketing link – Books for Light Workers Animal Wayshowers Pet care collection Books on pet care

Live in NOW

You don’t need to figure out all in advance. Trying to do this raise your stress. And you get disalignment. Live in now. Do whatever you need to do in this moment. This is enough. This will keep you in alignment. And you will reach your goal. Please visit my Amazon affiliate marketing links –Continue reading “Live in NOW”

Guest Post 🀝🏼 One Rupee Doctor

When we read this we realize that there are good persons in this world. And the world is still alive because of these good persons. I believe that these are angels in human form !!

Surviaval Guide

You struggled a lot. You learned your lessons. You discovered copping mathods in vulnerable situations. You understand the root cause of your slavery and get liberated yourself. This journey is not for yourself only. Your example will become someone’s survival guide. Please visit my Amazon affiliate marketing links – books for light workers Shop byContinue reading “Surviaval Guide”

Guest Post 🀝🏼 The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies

I found this excellent article everyone should read. The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies is not an ordinary natural remedies eBook. In this 181-page eBook, it brings natural health conscious awareness with over 300 ancient cures, natural healing and home remedies for over 60 common ailments. So, if you struggle with any of the 60 commonContinue reading “Guest Post 🀝🏼 The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies”