“Bow, Arrow and Target”

Do you read ‘Alchemist ‘ by Paulo Coelho. It’s a magical book ! I say magical because in that book many things are unrealistic. For example : You see this wall. But this is not wall. You can touch it. But that is not real. If you believe this you can go through it !Continue reading ““Bow, Arrow and Target””

Celebrating 111 Followers πŸ€—

It is a pure joy to know that 111 persons are appreciating your work !Β  Some people may think that 111 is a too small no. to celebrate.Β  But for me this small achievement is priceless.Β And no. 111 has spiritual meaning also. Every small happiness is important in our journey.Β  I read a lot andContinue reading “Celebrating 111 Followers πŸ€—”


Determination is the only solution for the obstacles between you & your goal ! Please visit my Amazon affiliate marketing link –Β  Books for Light Workers


You keep fighting with outer world. You keep fighting with inner world. It seems endless. You are so exhausted that you don’t want to fight anymore. You just want to runaway. WAIT You are tired, means you need rest. Don’t quit. Your energy will be recharge. Until …. take REST. Please visit my Amazon affiliateContinue reading “REST !”

Be Alone !

Be alone. Live alone. Enjoy your company. Date with yourself. Discover your originality. When you are clear with yourself you can be clear about the person you want in your life.

True Power

When all are fighting with weapons, you choose to be unarmed. Because you know the power of Love is stronger than anything ! Please visit my Amazon affiliate marketing link – Books for Light Workers

Decide !

What takes to decide ? Everyone wants good life. Isn’t it ? Then what to decide ? There is a difference between I want and I deserve. When you say I want, you are begging. And When you say I deserve, you declare your right. Now Decide who you are, Beggar or Emperor.

Reprogram !

This sounds opposite to whatever we were taught traditionally about spirituality.  But now we learn that being spiritual means raising our vibrations.  And in higher vibration we don’t experience any lack. We experience only abundance. Time to reprogram our Spirituality ! Please visit Books for Light Workers