Beauty Standards

I was watching my favourite reality show. That day’s the guest was world famous personality. Host welcomes him. Show continues in its style. All are enjoying. At one point the guest says that his girlfriend is here in the audience. Camera shows her close-up. A young lady with very nice smile. The guest tells that she is a beauty contest winner of their country. Camera shows close-up of host. He is just starting at her. He doesn’t comment. Nothing. Show continues with the guest.

I was surprised by the behaviour of that host. The host was famous for flirting with female guests and praising their beauty. Off course all that is script of the show. Nothing personal. But he can’t say a word for that Beauty Queen. Why ? She was from totally different race. Her physical features were not matching with his cultural concepts of Beauty. His brain can’t accept her as beautiful. His brain can’t find any word to praise her. He couldn’t even follow the formality of greeting her. Nothing. I feel sorry for him. One of the most talented anchor – actor behave as a very ordinary person.

Remember the famous story of Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen. Other ducklings tease him as ugly. He develops complex and floats lonely. Become depressed until he discovers that he is a Swan ! In childhood I felt that Swan baby looks ugly. That’s why other ducklings tease him as ugly. But that is not the reality. All the ducklings look same. And Swan baby didn’t look like duckling. He looks different. Because he is a Swan. That’s all ! But ducklings don’t understand this. They think as he doesn’t look like them he is Ugly.

Off course animals and birds did not think. And that’s good ! We, human beings can think. And what’s good in that ? If you can’t understand the Different . If we can’t accept the variations of nature.

Animal can show love for other species. We all grow up by hearing the story of cuckoo lay eggs in crow’s nest. And crow nourishes cuckoo’s babies with her babies. There are many real stories of caring and friendship between different species animals. Animals are learning to adjust their surroundings. In your house Dog and Cat can be friends. Cat and Bird can be friends. I saw a video where Mouse and Cat were eating in same pot !

And we human beings considers ourselves as highly intelligent in all species of this planet, can’t even understand the meaning of Different.

We are living in cosmopolitan world. People from different parts of the world travel, take jobs, settle down in different parts of the world. We are becoming used to meet people of different community, language, race, culture. When we will learn to respect the Different ?

All the hatred, fights, wars comes from intolerance. Not accepting the Different.

Think . . .

Accept . . .

Love !

Here I am reposting some of my another blog’s posts. That time, 4 years ago things were not working well and I stop writing. If you are one of those fewwwwer readers you might feel like you had read this earlier. So, it’s me !

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