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Your stronger version

Life keep sending you masked people until you learn that you have ability to recognize them.

Life throws you in vulnerable situations until you learn that your patience’s threshold is highest & nobody can crush you.

Life pushes you to the edge until you learn that you can fly.

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You feel that you are ascending. But your physical world looks same. You become confused. Don’t worry. Watch this video which explains the signs showing you have reached the 5th dimension.


When we are in touch with our soul,

we couldn’t behave against it’s truth.

And what is soul’s truth ?

It is a truth of the Divine !

And that truth is Love.

Soul is always connected to the

Divine Power.

Any behavior without love leads to

distortion of thought, speech & act.

And in this position one can not get


Living in alignment with our soul

which leads to alignment to

Divine Mother gives us

pure happiness.

Because in that position

you don’t have to hide

our thought or speech or act.

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Being 5D πŸ’—LOVEπŸ’—

I LoveΒ  Myself !


I Love all Humans !!


I Love all Animals !!!Β Β 


I Love all Living things !!!!


I Love Non living things !!!!!Β 


I Love Universe !!!!!!


I AM LOVE !!!!!!!


More you shift to the upper level; more you have to shed things which are not matching to this level. 

These can be habits, values, negative energies.  More you have light, more you can see these things in you. 

It irritates you, frightens you.  Now you are extra sensetive and out of patience. You don’t want to tolerate anything anymore.

Remember only you are not ascending; all other persons are also in that process. They are also experiencing same symptoms.

Let’s be compassionate for each other.

We are entering in a new year, new life, new era, new world. We at individual level and also at collective level are ascending in 5D with Gaia (earth).

Gaia has entered in 5D. Let’s be anchored strongly in 5D.

Image by / Placidplace/ Pixabay
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