The Queen

In childhood I read lots of stories of King & Queen.

Sometimes the King gets angry and punish the Queen. The Punishment can be from abandons to death sentence.

This force me to think about the powers and position of the Queen. I learned that the Queen can be the Queen until she is supported by the King.

In adulthood I don’t want to be the Queen. I want to be the King. Because I want real powers.

Now as I grow in consciousness I realized that I am the Queen.

I am the Queen because in spite of betrayals and heartbreaks I still stand tall for my values.

I gain this strength through my struggle.

I have the Queen’s crown on my soul.

To be the Queen I don’t need the King !

Photo by/Rhalf Ryan Gejon/Pexels

GOD’s Army

In a stormy night my door knocked. 


“Open the door. It’s an emergency!”Β Β Β Β Β 

I open the door. I saw GOD in front of me.Β  “War against darkness is started.Β  Get ready to join my army.”Β  I get scared.Β  “But GOD I am not a warrior.Β  I don’t like violence.Β  I can not fight.”Β Β  “You can. Get ready.”Β 

I rushed inside the house in search of weapons.  I found only kitchen knife.  Then I think for a while & gathered many things from broom to glass bottles. 

I poured that in front of GOD.  “Ok, I am ready!”  GOD looked at that pour & laughed.  “We don’t need this dear.”  Ohh…GOD does not need physical weapons.  I thought, GOD need mental power.  So I gathered all my anger, hatred and aggression.  “OK, now I am ready.”  GOD looked at my face with love.  “No dear we don’t need this either.”  My aggression dropped and irritation take place.  “Then how can I fight ?”  Hold The Light.  “Ok !  I got it !  I got it !” 

I rushed inside and gathered all lamps.  Mud lamps, metal lamps, decorative lamps, candles, chargeable lights; I took bulbs also. 

I poured in front of GOD.   “Now, I am ready !”  GOD looked at the pile and laughed hilariously.  “No, not this light; my dear child I need the light inside you.  Your Soul’s light !  Expand it by compassion.  Spread it by love.”  “That’s it ?”  I really surprised.

Yes my child, to fight with darkness, just hold your light and I will take care of everything !


Photo by ΠœΠ°Ρ€ΠΈΡ / Pexels

Butterfly is a brand ambassador of the Change !

Photo by

Make Butterfly your role model. In caterpillar stage it dreams to fly.

In whichever situation you are, you can decide to grow.

Photo by zoosnow / Pexels

It realizes that it doesn’t have wings. So to grow wings it Eats, Eats, Eats, Eats, Eats, Eats & Eats !!!

If you feel you don’t have enough resources seek knowledge. Learn, Learn, Learn, Learn, Learn & Learn !!!

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh/Pexels

In cocoon stage it isolates from the world. Preserves all its energy. Didn’t afraid of darkness. It focuses only on it’s dream.

Focus all your energy on your goal. Don’t be afraid to stand alone.

Photo by PROVATION / Pexels

After showing patience for living in cocoon stage it get preparation for it’s Dream. It has to tear off it’s cocoon and come outside.

Scientist has done an experiment. They give help by cutting cocoon. Result…that butterfly couldn’t protect itself from other creatures. It couldn’t survive because it’s wings did not have strength; which can be get only by struggling to come out from cocoon by own.

Don’t expect help. It will only weaken you. You have to give birth to new you. This pain and struggle will make you stronger.

Photo by OliverVoigt / Pexels

After giving birth to itself caterpillar transforms into beautiful & strong Butterfly. Whole world admires it’s beauty. It can protect itself by flying quickly. Now it’s wings are so strong that it can fly thousands of miles.

When you go through process of change. When you mastered your lessons. When you birth yourself. You become undefeatable ! Whole world becomes yours. Nobody can deny your worth.

Photo by Egor Kamelev / Pexels

Butterfly is a brand ambassador of the Change !

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