Search of Love

I search desperately for my Better Half ; & I find desperate souls everywhere.

I got depressed, frustrated & I meet same distorted people.

Together we play merry go round of hide & seek of love.

I cried & from depth of my heart I ask the universe, “Where is my Better Half ?

One day Angel whispered in my ears, “Love Yourself ! “

This is weird.

I need someone to love me. How can I love myself ?

Angel said, “Take care of yourself. “

Ohh . . . I looked in the mirror. Really ! I used to ignore my body.

I apologize for this.

I start eating well.

I start dressing well.

I feel nice.

Then I search for some happy moments.

And I got plenty of them.

And I start finding other happy souls.

I recall my passions. Started following them.

And I meet other blissful persons.

I express gratitude for this.

Now I am happy with myself.

I feel love for myself.

And I start meeting other lovely souls.

Again Angel whisper in my ears, “Now you become Better. So you are ready to meet your Better Half !

Photo by Pixabay/Pexels

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