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Your stronger version

Life keep sending you masked people until you learn that you have ability to recognize them. Life throws you in vulnerable situations until you learn that your patience’s threshold is highest & nobody can crush you. Life pushes you to the edge until you learn that you can fly. Please visit my Amazon affiliate marketingContinue reading “Your stronger version”

What is your consciousness level ?

This monkey definitely has higher consciousness than lower 3D humans who couldn’t think beyond their race . It’s time to introspect. Please visit my Amazon affiliate marketing link – Books for Light Workers Animal Wayshowers Pet care collection Books on pet care

Born Again !

Whole life we chase happiness. For this we chase money. We chase material things. We chase persons. Because we forgot that being joyful is a state of mind. When we were infant, we keep smiling without reason. Unaware of the real cause, adults says baby is smiling with angels. As we grow up as aContinue reading “Born Again !”

Self Image

What is Self Image ? Is that what we perceive of ourselves ? Or is that what other perceive of yourself ? Which image is real ? Are these both images are always different ? Which image is more important for you ? If you can answer these questions you are on a right path.Continue reading “Self Image”


Always suffer by the pain of the past and the fear of the future ? Want to get rid of this torture ? Simple solution is, start living in the present moment. Because past doesn’t exist neither future. You suffer from the memory of past and the imagination of future. NOW is the only Reality.Continue reading “Now”

The Queen

In childhood I read lots of stories of King & Queen. Sometimes the King gets angry and punish the Queen. The Punishment can be from abandons to death sentence. This force me to think about the powers and position of the Queen. I learned that the Queen can be the Queen until she is supportedContinue reading “The Queen”