“Bow, Arrow and Target”

Do you read ‘Alchemist ‘ by Paulo Coelho. It’s a magical book ! I say magical because in that book many things are unrealistic.

For example : You see this wall. But this is not wall. You can touch it. But that is not real. If you believe this you can go through it !

Some years back I read this. I couldn’t understand a word. How can we go through the wall just by believing ? How can law of science can be ignored ? But that only Paulo is saying, “Believe ” and you can ! XXX I really don’t understand.

Each time when I read Paulo’s book I experience same. He always writes mysterious things which never fit in logic. Fairy tales also has magical things but Paulo writes beyond that. I stressed my brain. Try to find out, what is this ? But failed. Many times it turned into frustration. Why can’t I understand this ???

Another example is of ‘bow, arrow and target’.

In my childhood I read a story of Arjun from Mahabharat. It is about the lesson of concentration. When Arjun’s Guru (Teacher) Dronacharya asked all pupils, what they can see ? Many said many things. They can see tree, sky, birds, leafs and wooden parrot (that was target ) . Only Arjun said that he can see only parrot’s eye. Dronacharya get pleased with his answer and allow him to shoot.

I can understand this. Concentration on the target. We can do this. But Paulo says bow, arrow and target should become one. Ok, next level of concentration; can try to understand. Full concentration. Paulo puts concentration on next level. He says bow, arrow, target & you should become one. What’s this ? I couldn’t understand. How can it be possible ? I just laughed. Laughing is better than frustrating !

After some years I was in dance class. I was enjoying. Full concentration on steps. Then slowly something started, I don’t have to think about steps. That were done automatically. Rhythm and steps were synchronising. And I am part of that. There is no other things. Nothing. No realization of time, space. Nothing ! Now I was not enjoying. I was experiencing Joy ! No, . . . . . I become Joy. Because now Dance & I are not two things. There is oneness !

And I realised what is bow, arrow, target & you becoming one !

I take another Paulo’s book. Again same experience. Many magical things which you can not understand. But now I don’t get frustrated neither I laugh. I make a wish, someday I will be able to understand this.

Love you Paulo !

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