GOD’s Army

In a stormy night my door knocked. 


“Open the door. It’s an emergency!”     

I open the door. I saw GOD in front of me.  “War against darkness is started.  Get ready to join my army.”  I get scared.  “But GOD I am not a warrior.  I don’t like violence.  I can not fight.”   “You can. Get ready.” 

I rushed inside the house in search of weapons.  I found only kitchen knife.  Then I think for a while & gathered many things from broom to glass bottles. 

I poured that in front of GOD.  “Ok, I am ready!”  GOD looked at that pour & laughed.  “We don’t need this dear.”  Ohh…GOD does not need physical weapons.  I thought, GOD need mental power.  So I gathered all my anger, hatred and aggression.  “OK, now I am ready.”  GOD looked at my face with love.  “No dear we don’t need this either.”  My aggression dropped and irritation take place.  “Then how can I fight ?”  Hold The Light.  “Ok !  I got it !  I got it !” 

I rushed inside and gathered all lamps.  Mud lamps, metal lamps, decorative lamps, candles, chargeable lights; I took bulbs also. 

I poured in front of GOD.   “Now, I am ready !”  GOD looked at the pile and laughed hilariously.  “No, not this light; my dear child I need the light inside you.  Your Soul’s light !  Expand it by compassion.  Spread it by love.”  “That’s it ?”  I really surprised.

Yes my child, to fight with darkness, just hold your light and I will take care of everything !

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