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The Truth

What is the Truth ?   What we see, what we hear, what we experience, what we know or . . . . . beyond that ?

Some years ago . . . I had a new maid.  When I saw her first time; my brain said she is from different community.  By hearing her accent my brain said she is from different state.  These other state people comes to our city to make it more crowded.  I asked her name, “Lakshmi” she answered. Oh! She is Hindu my brain said. (Lakshmi is a Hindu Goddess of wealth.)  

Lakshmi was excellent in her work. Neat & Clean.  I like her.  One day I offer her tea.  First, she said “no”.  I insisted.  Then she sat down, took a cup and started whispering something.  I was surprised.  For two minutes devotedly she was doing that.  When she finished she took a sip.  I can’t stop myself asking,”What was you doing?”. “Prayer” she answered.  In our church Father teach us to pray before eating or drinking.  Oh my God !  She is Christian !  So, Lakshmi can be Christian.  This information was new for my brain. 

After few tea meetings she opened up.  “We are landlords in our village.”  Fake !  My brain said. I asked gently, “Then why you people are doing this kind of work ?  “Our land is in mortgage.  There is no rain in 2-3 years. We can’t get anything from our fields.  Our debts are increasing.  If we couldn’t repay,  we will lose our land. So, our mother took a decision.  We decide all of us Will go to city, work hard, earn money and will get our land back.” 

Lakshmi had joint family.  As, for generations they depend on farming and don’t have higher education or any other skills; they accepted whatever jobs they got. That time, in our area rebuilding work was in flourish. Lakshmi’s family started working on construction sites. Soon they realize, this is not enough. So they started working additionally. From 9 to 5 they work on site. And before 9am after 5pm they started doing different different things. Lakshmi’s father started a tea stall. Her mother started selling vegetables. She slowly discovered that in city maid job has demand. She started working in many houses. Her sister in law joined her. Her brothers also took whatever jobs they got.

I looked into her eyes. My brain, said there must be a pain. After all she is from rich home and now she has to do a servant’s job. So sad !!

But . . . I saw only determination in her eyes. WhenI meet her mother I saw same determination in her eyes. They have a Goal. My heart said, they will accomplish their goal. They will get back their land.

After this experience, whenever I see people from different states in my city; I don’t allow my brain to jump on conclusion. I take a pause and asked myself,

Is there any story behind this ?

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