Connections !

Paulo Coelho

Published by Universal

In my journey whatever knowledge I receive I am sharing that with world. "

7 thoughts on “Connections !

      1. No. I will read. Please tell me title of that post. What is the series no. ? Alchemist is the Paulo’s first book I read. And he became my favorite. I am going to post about that experience.


      2. It is in my series “The Great Books of the World.” It is the current one and if you Google
        it will take you straight to the last one, number 11 about Dr Doolittle.

        I think number 4 is about Alchemist but if you like books and reading, all posts will be interesting.



      3. Yes off course; I will read. Thank you. And thanks again; your comment remained me about I was planning to write about my experience of Alchemist. I am writing.


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