Let God decide !

Do you ask God for anything ? Of course we ask many things. Here is an interesting story .

Once upon a time in a jungle a wood cutter was cutting wood. He saw a man. Man asked him a route to exit jungle. Man was lost in jungle. Wood cutter said that I can show you the way, but in some time there will be a sunset and it will be dangerous to travel in dark; so please come to my home, rest at night. As man has no choice he agreed .

Wood cutter’s family welcomed man. Man is served by food and water. Wood cutter gave his blanket to man for sleeping.

Next morning wood cutter dropped the man outside the jungle. Man said to wood cutter that he is pleased with his hospitality. I am the king of this Kingdom. Meet me in palace and asked anything you want. You will get that. King gave his royal ring to show to the gate keeper and went away.

Now wood cutter and his family was discussing . There are many options suggested. There is a need of new ax, or a donkey to load more woods, or repairing of house, or some gold coins to purchase grain. They can’t agree on one point. Whole day and night was wasted but wood cutter can’t decide anything.

He went to the king. King welcomes him and asked what he wants. Wood cutter said that he is confused and don’t know what to ask. He said that let the king decide what is best for him and he will accept that. The king smiled and gave him a big peace of land , a pair of ox, a big house, a well ,  seeds and 1000 gold coins. So not only wood cutter and his family but also his upcoming generations are secured.

When we ask to the God we really ask small things. We ask money, big house, big car, dream job etc etc. But God thinks beyond everything. He can offer you much more to transform your life. So don’t ask anything particularly. Ask God for better life. Ask him for guidance. Ask him to make you capable. And God will flourish you with everything. Try it !

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